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This, is for the culture.

Plucked from the depths of the grease trap.

This, is for artists on the line.

For the smoke sesh post service,

and the walk in breakdowns.

Here, devoured and digested, purged in print and stuffed in a knife roll.

For those fermenting in high brow fuckery and rotting in plated prudence.

This isn't the ten course tasting for two.

This is the corner combo special.

For the creatives held hostage by savory tendencies.

Here, to lick the culinary underbelly

of a culture divided and serve forth

the great equalizer. 

*gastropoem about gastropoetics


*heavily encouraged 

What is it about food: the obsession, glorification, fascination, vilification? This common denominator has the remarkable ability to detail our fondest memories with more savory recollection as it chameleons from simplicity, into high art, keeping us enamored by its esculent secrets.

Got a strong bond between man & meal? Smitten with foodie fodder? 

Then we invite your taste buds to our table. 

Come, and enter the culinary culture collective.

*all form of digital mediums accepted